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1024x768-640x480 arrow Star Cloth Medium Density Loop

Star Cloth Medium Density Loop - 4:3


Star Cloth Medium Density Loop

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Price: £3.50


Star cloth Visual
The Star cloth video loop is great as a star cloth but also works really well when projected into open areas or on to trees.
Use to bring a little magic to inside and outside areas.
Good architectural effect.
Available in 60fps for smooth slower playback


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Tags - Background, Seamless Loop, Video Type - Quicktime - PNG, Quicktime - Photo JPEG,
Tags - Star, Space, Alpha Channel - Yes,
Colours - White, Grayscale, Video Resolution - 1024x768, 640x480,
Looping Video - Loops Seamlessly, Video fps - 30fps, 60fps,
Speed - Medium, Slow,  
Delivery Method - Download,

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