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Why do I get so many Download options, What's the difference?
Each product (video clip) can have anything up to 6 downloadable versions.
Depending on the system used to play the video file(s) will affect what file(s) you download.
  1. You may have a choice of video resolution 1920x1080 and 1280x720 or  1024x768 and  640x480 
  2. You may have a choice of frames per second (fps) 60fps or 30fps (if fps is not at the end of the file name then this will be 30fps file) – Best is 60fps if your system supports this. 60fps will give you smoother playback particularly if the video file is slowed down. Not all systems support 60fps or cope very well playing it back.
  3. You may have a choice of ‘Alpha Channel’ Support, this is commonly denoted by a ‘+’. Alpha Channel is also known as ‘Pre Keyed’ The background layer is transparent or semitransparent so handy when played over the top of another video file. Not all systems support Alpha Channel this or cope very well playing it back.
Files with Alpha (+) use ‘Quicktime – PNG’ file format - High Quality, recommended for use when converting to other formats. It is unlikely your system will smoothly playback this version.
Files without Alpha use ‘Quicktime - Photo JPEG’ file format
File names example. (Best - but 60fps is not always a download option, supports Alpha Channel) (Best if above is not available, supports Alpha Channel) (Best but without Alpha support less system demanding) (low resolution, 60fps, supports Alpha Channel) (low resolution, 30fps, supports Alpha Channel) (worst case scenario, least system demanding)
We recommend downloading the best version even if your current system is not capable of playing it back smoothly.

This would, in most cases, end in
If 60fps is not an option then download; 
Also if you are unsure about the system and unable to download or convert files on site it’s probably a good idea to download the 640x480_30fps version as this does not need such a powerful system to play it back (worst case scenario).
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